Friday, February 15, 2013

Session 9: Promethean Graffiti Wall & Media Slam


  1. On this week's wall I wrote "Everything Sucks." I tried to look at the world from the view of our Dystopian tree and that's what I came up with. I feel like I always write negative things on the wall but that's how I feel the world is, a mix of dark and light.
    Think about it. Look at the numbers. Every 10 seconds a person dies. Each year, 3.3 million people are abused in some way. Every year, 1 million innocent people are put into the cycle of human trafficking. These horrors happen around us EVERY SINGLE DAY. Are we too blind to see them or do we just turn a blind eye? Even though the world is a beautiful place it has its evils. So yea, everything does suck sometimes.

  2. It does seem like everything sucks sometimes, doesn't it Patrycja? However, as you eloquently said, the world is a mix of dark and light, so I think the challenge is to find that beauty you mention, despite the suckiness.

    So how do you do that when there are all these horrors that are happening every day like human trafficking? Well, perhaps one way is to not turn a blind eye. That said, I think you might dig the website

    This is what it says on DoSomething's "about us' page:

    " is the country’s largest nonprofit for young people and social change. We have 1,425,974 million members (and counting) who kick ass on causes they care about. Bullying. Homelessness. Cancer. The list goes on. spearheads national campaigns so 13- to 25-year-olds can make an impact - without ever needing money, an adult, or a car. Over 2.4 million people took action through in 2012. You know, because apathy sucks."

    And we're going to talk about this in class more on Friday, but in regards to learning about the fight against human trafficking, here's a great site:
    The "Act Now" section has all sorts of cool ways you can make a difference with this issue, if you're interested.

    1. Thanks Mrs.Kristina! The website is really cool and it has so many interesting things on it. I'll definitely look into it :)