TE@M Fellowship 2012-13

In August of 2012 TE@M started the TE@M Fellowship Program to give teachers and artists the opportunity to take their work to the next level and share their process and learning with others. Learn more about the program and follow the fellows' progress on their projects by visiting the TE@M website.

District 504 is a project of the 2012-13 TE@M Fellowship Program. Below are the week-by-week updates of the project: 

Dina's Thoughts About The Big Idea

Kristina's Thougnts About The Big Idea
Week 1: Cultivating The Trees Of District 504

Week 2 : What Does A Tree Mean To You?

Week 3: Strengthening The Roots

Week 4: Uprooted

Week 5: Barkitecture

Week 6: The Tree Is Growing

Week 7: Treestruction & Documentrees Begin!

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